Burntwood tip to close for six weeks

Update! Now reopening in Mid November as delays caused by “weather”!

As predicted, but surprised by the timetable, Burntwood Tip is to close for six weeks on the 17th of September.

In 2010 when the County Council, at a second attempt, wanted to close the site permanently a petition of 12,000 signatures, campaigning by your local Labour councillors (again) and good scrutiny stopped it.

The “temporary” notice telling Burntwood residents of its “permanent” closure in 2010

At the time it was reported: “Councillors and residents fear fly-tipping will soar if the centre closes. Residents in Cannock fear traffic chaos at the town’s Poplars landfill centre if additional users join regular queues to access the site.”

Ironically, today, the Local Government Association issued a news release entitled, “Lenient guidelines leading to low fly tipping fines, councils warn”

Saying that : “Magistrates need new sentencing guidelines for fly-tipping, to make court action more worthwhile for councils and in turn, reduce fly-tipping in our communities.”

Staffordshire County Council have written to the Town Council:

“Burntwood Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) will be temporarily closed from 17 September 2022 until 31October for major repairs and maintenance.

For six years now the site has been in need of repairs. Therefore, following the recent return of Household Waste Recycling Centres to Staffordshire County Council management, we have ordered over £50,000 worth of repairs that will help our sites to run more effectively and be safer for residents and staff.

Improvement works include a resurface of the ground, traffic lines re-painted, as well as other maintenance jobs that need completing in order to improve the experience of visitors to the site.”

Improvements are welcome but I am concerned about the pressure on the Cannock, or Lichfield sites and temptation by anti-social people flytipping.

Author: Burntwood

Lichfield District and Burntwood Town Labour councillor for Chase Terrace Ward. Leader of Lichfield District Council's Labour Group.

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