Painting 10/10 pothole repair 0/10

You have to be impressed. No pothole is going to stop Staffordshire County Council repainting white lines on speed humps. ironstone-rd-june-2022-1 I reported this pothole in Ironstone Road on the 4th of June this year although it had been there for quite a while. ironstone-rd-august-2022 It was, understandably classified as “non urgent” at least understandably compared to a pavement trip hazard near the library that I and many of my colleagues had reported and which took three years to repair. Clearly the Conservative-run County Council did not want to delay the repainting of the white lines by 4 or 5 years and so, today, carried on regardless. Is it any wonder they are listed as 138 in the league table of local authorities responsible for highway maintenance with just 15% reports fixed by fillthathole compared to Stoke on Trent at no 29 with 51% fixed.  I bet they’re glad they “left” Staffordshire in 1998. 15/08/2022

Author: Burntwood

Lichfield District and Burntwood Town Labour councillor for Chase Terrace Ward. Leader of Lichfield District Council's Labour Group.

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