Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan under pressure from developers wanting to build on our Green Belt

On Monday the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan committee meets to consider the consultation responses to the Draft Plan.


Lichfield District falls within the Greater Birmingham Housing Market Area (GBHMA).  There is an outstanding minimum shortfall of 28,150 dwellings to 2031 and 60,885 dwellings to 2036 across the Birmingham HMA according their report produced by GL Hearn.

Not surprising then that potential developers refer to this in their responses.

Image result for salesman free clipartAlso, most of these development/consultant companies are “trying it on” with Lichfield District Council in their responses.  They would like the Neighbourhood Plan delayed for the next phase of the Local Plan.  They also want to alter the Green Belt boundaries which is not remit of a Neighbourhood Plan but through the Lichfield Land Allocations Plan!

Barton Willmore on behalf of the Church Commissioners

Would like to build 375 houses on their land West of Stables Way – in the Green Belt.

Their Ethical Investment Policy states: “The National Investing Bodies expect companies in which they invest to manifest sustainable environmental practice, fair treatment of customers and suppliers, responsible employment practices, conscientiousness with regard to human rights, sensitivity towards the communities in which they operate and best corporate governance practice.”

Planning is political of course so there is no reason why residents cannot lobby their Church of England representatives including the Parochial Church Councils.


Support rejuvenated Town Centre – but believes increased footfall needed by building more homes – oh yes and houses are expensive to build on brown field sites so what other solutions are there I wonder?

Wallace Land Investments

Such development can facilitate positive infrastructure improvements to the Town that for the benefit of new and existing residents alike.  Release of Green Belt land is essential to provide for a deliverable range and scale of new development appropriate to Burntwood. and  It is evident from the emerging Local Plan Review that Green Belt Land release will be needed in order to meet the needs of Lichfield DC and the unmet needs of the wider GBHMA.

Pegasus on behalf of Bloor Homes

This may require development beyond the existing urban area, where a range of CoulterLanesigntechnical evidence will be considered, including landscape quality and importance of land against the Green Belt purposes.

The benefits associated with the development of land at Coulter Lane represent an opportunity, as referred to within the Vision, to assist in the delivery of the identified objectives of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

GVA on behalf of Metacre Ltd.

Our Client has recently agreed terms with the Bradshaw family for the promotion of its land at Bleak House Farm for housing.

Our Client’s objective is to secure the release of the site from the Green Belt, and its allocation for development, through the Local Plan review.

After this meeting the Neighbourhood Plan goes to Lichfield District Council then to the Indepedent Examiner and then to you, the public, in a referendum.