We’ve got one Lichfield City Councillor on Burntwood Town Council – do we really need two?

It’s hard to believe but the new Conservative Leader of Burntwood Town Council who was co-opted (not elected) to represent Chasetown residents on Burntwood Town Council represents another ward in Lichfield on the City Council and yet another ward in Lichfield City but on the District Council.  That’s 11,372 electors altogether!

baconbitThat’s not all.  Now her husband is the official candidate for the Boney Hay and Central Ward Town Council by election on 27th of July and he represents Leomansley Ward on Lichfield City Council for the Conservatives as well!  If Burntwood people elect this Lichfield City Councillor he will represent 10, 412 electors!

These are indeed super councillors who are able look after so many voters in so many places.

The reason for the by-election?

The Conservative Town councillor for Boney Hay and Central Ward is now the County Councillor for Lichfield City North and wanted to give up the Town Council Seat – but still wants to be the District Councillor too!

Now the Conservative Councillor representing a neighbouring ward in Burntwood lives 189 miles but (good news?) she won’t be resigning and causing another by election.  Is Burntwood being properly served these new Conservative representatives?  You decide.

DIDUKNOWWhen your local Labour members (who only represented Burntwood residents) were in charge of the Town Council the employee Salaries totalled £78.618.  Under these Conservatives the budget this year is £132.717 and rising.