Burntwood Town Council chooses Lichfield City Councillor to represent Chasetown!

It’s hard to believe but last night the Conservative Group on Burntwood Town Council reneged on the agreement that the then Leader of the Council, Helen Fisher, gave to Labour members that they would be able to replace their representative who was elected two years ago but who has resigned for family reasons.

In 2015 Chasetown residents voted for all three Labour candidates for the Town Council and the Conservative Leader said that the Labour Group could replace him with another candidate to be co-opted on to the Council and avoid the cost of a by-election.

The Conservatives went back on that agreement and have co-opted one of their fellow district Councillors, Norma Bacon, who represents Leamonsley Ward on Lichfield City Council and Curborough Ward on Lichfield District Council!

The same councillor who had supported £3/4 million a year of taxpayers’ money – including Chasetown Garrickpiccosttaxpayers’ money, subsidising the Lichfield Garrick and who voted for the maximum amount of Council Tax the District could charge just a few weeks ago!

And what were her main qualification for the honour of representing Chasetown?  Well she said she had been Chairman of Lichfield District Council, Mayor of Lichfield City Council, Sheriff of Lichfield City Council – clearly all excellent reasons for representing Chasetown Ward without having to ask Chasetown residents!

Where’s Norma?

Her Lichfield City Council Register of Interests on Lichfield City Council’s website has her address in Dimbles Lane, Lichfield but her Register of Interests for Lichfield District have her living in High Street, Chasetown on their website.

With this confusion will she remember which way to vote: for Lichfield or  for Burntwood? Which Planning Committee will she choose to attend on the 20th of July – the one at Burntwood Town Council or the one at Lichfield City Council – she can’t be at both.