Flooding may be resolved but not other dangers to road users or pedestrians in Chasetown High Street.

Staffordshire County Council had said that they considered the flooding in High Street in Chasetown “not be a high risk to the public” despite cars driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid an unknown problem under the water.

High St cobbles

Labour’s candidate for Burntwood South County Division which covers Chasetown, Steve Norman, submitted a Freedom of Information request because he says, “The County Council’s highways division does not respond to normal channels of communication requests like emails.”.

Councils and other bodies are supposed to respond within 20 working days but even when he gave them some extra time they have still not replied and he is taking a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner if the County Council still fails to comply with the law on Freedom of Information requests.

Steven said: “Because the Highways section was suggestion that the High Street flooding was not urgent and it had to wait for other ‘similar work’ in the area he asked for justification for this.

He asked: “When is the latest date that the work will be carried out? The contractors have said the work ‘will be grouped with similar works in the area.’

What is the ‘area’ referred to, how many similar works are there currently and where are they?”

He has said that he will make the other repairs needed for High Street his priority if elected on Thursday.