NUT conference raises issue of threat to school funding for Burntwood and elsewhere

The funding review – and austerity  – is predicted to leave schools worse off.School cuts

Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said today:

“The 2015 Conservative Party manifesto promised that a future Conservative Government would ensure that ‘the amount of money following your child into school will be protected.’ Unfortunately this promise is being broken for 99% of schools. For half of the schools in England, the money following children into schools is being cut in real terms and in the other half the money following children will be cut in cash terms.

Burntwood South Candidate, Steven Norman, writes:

I went to Parliament with the Staffordshire F40 Group some years ago – in a school bus – to protest about the unfair funding for Staffordshire.  I was Chair of the Children and Lifelong Learning Scrutiny Committee at the time.F40 to PM

Then it was a Labour government, followed by a Lib/Dem and Conservative government and now a Conservative government and it is still not yet resolved.

The danger now is that although the consultation on the review is being considered and schools may end up with a fairer system but there will be less money all round.  have looked at this scenario and set out their case, and their concern, about the future funding for our schools.